MDESIGN Roloff/Matek Edition

Accompyaning software for students

MDESIGN Roloff/Matek Edition - accompanying software to the textbook

Speed up your calculations in the design process. With the MDESIGN Roloff/Matek Edition - the accompanying software to the textbook "Roloff/Matek Maschinenelemente" - you can dimension machine elements (bolts, shafts, bearings, shaft-hub connections, springs, welded connections and many more) within a few minutes. Use the same CAE software for design, calculation and optimization of components as more than 35.000 engineers in practice – free of charge.

This special edition is available for students, trainees and lecturers in research and teaching. Register here and download the software for free!

Note: This product must not be used for commercial purposes. The special edition is limited in time (2 years).

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Everything you need for calculation in one place

Like the MDESIGN industrial version the MDESIGN Roloff/Matek Edition comprises a context-sensitive help system which supports the user during the whole calculation process. Text aids provide valuable information for understanding the calculation equations. Graphical helps and a material data base supports you with the determination of the relevant parameters (such as material characteristics, geometrical values or load data). After the calculation, 2D and 3D graphics or diagrams allow a quick and accurate interpretation of the results.


Functions and instructions for use

Compared with the chargeable MDESIGN Student Edition the functions of the MDESIGN Roloff/Matek calculation program are restricted. While the student version offers extended calculation possibilities for bolts (MDESIGN bolt & multibolt), shafts (MDESIGN shaft) and bearings (MDESIGN bearing), the MDESIGN Roloff/Matek program only provides access to the basic modules of MDESIGN mechanical. The special edition is limited in time (2 years) and may be used only for personal training and educational purposes.