Shafts: Verification methods in practical use


Wellen: Nachweismethoden (DIN 743, FKM-Richtlinie) in der praktischen Anwendung
About the topic

Shafts and axles are important elements for the transmission of movements, forces and moments, and are used in a number of ways in a wide variety of machine designs. Despite continuous development in the design and manufacturing processes, breakdowns in mechanical engineering which can be traced back to damage to axles and shafts continue to occur. This can result not only in serious accidents, but also in high repair and downtime costs. In order to prevent this damage, the calculation of protection against the occurrence of breakages and deformation damage is an essential measure.

The seminar uses a practical perspective to provide you with the up-to-date basic knowledge and corresponding methodological expertise to be able to safely implement and realise a complete proof of load bearing capacity for shafts and axles in accordance with the current standards (DIN 743) and directives (FKM).


  • Duration: 1 day
Target audience

Engineers and specialists in the fields of development, design and calculation. Teachers from educational institutions or experts from research institutions and testing companies.

  • Damage prevention & optimisation: Learn to recognise typical modes and causes of failure for shafts and axles and gain concrete measures for preventing damage and discovering new potential when it comes to safety, reliability and cost reduction with the analytical proof methods.
  • Progress: Update and expand your know-how in order to meet the increasingly complex safety-related and economic requirements for shafts perfectly.
  • Competitive edge: Continue developing your methodological expertise in order to develop innovative products more quickly and more successfully than the competition.
  • Reduce the liability risk: Bring your knowledge of the DIN 743 standard and the FKM directive bang up to date in order to be able to prove at any time that your products are designed in accordance with accepted engineering practices.
  • Practical relevance: Learn how you can save time through the professional dimensioning of shafts and axles with the help of modern calculations tools such as MDESIGN. You can then use MDESIGN shaft free of charge in order to design, optimise and document shafts confidently in your ongoing projects.