Strength assessment of components according to FKM guideline


About the topic

The “Arithmetical proof of strength for machine parts” FKM directive provides a general method for the calculation of component strength. It is applicable in mechanical engineering and related industries and applies for bar-shaped, laminar and block-shaped components, taking all relevant influences into account.

Although the delivery of arithmetical proofs of strength is among an engineer’s most important tasks, in practice the FKM directive presents users with challenges time and again owing to its complex structures, the lack of clarity and the broad range of components.

The seminar gives you a practical understanding of the theoretical background and the calculation algorithms of the FKM directive. This enables you to realise the proof of strength - both with nominal stresses and with local stresses - in accordance with the directive.

Target audience

Engineers and specialists in the fields of development, design and calculation. Teachers from educational institutions or experts from research institutions and testing companies can also supplement and update their knowledge.

Your benefits
  • Damage prevention: You learn how to realise an arithmetical proof of strength in full and confidently in accordance with the FKM directive in order to design reliable components and machines, and act early to prevent damage.
  • Progress: Update and expand your know-how in order to meet the increasing technical and economic requirements for safety-related machine elements perfectly.
  • Competitive edge: Enhance your methodological expertise. As a result, you develop innovative products more quickly and more successfully than the competition.
  • Reduce the liability risk: Bring your knowledge of the current FKM directive (6th edition 2012) up to date and thus ensure that your products are designed in accordance with the required engineering practices.
  • Practical relevance: Learn the FKM directive method using practical example calculations. You can then use MDESIGN technology free of charge for your ongoing projects in order to be able to evaluate the local stresses on structures which you have determined. Carry out software-based FKM calculations in accordance with the local stress concept.