Improving productivity in the long term

Make the best possible use of MDESIGN to assist with your design activities and push design and development forward through efficient use. Our MDESIGN standard training provides you with the knowledge and skills you need in order to get the best out of the tool.

Our MDESIGN standard training is a one-day event which takes place at a wide range of locations in the German-speaking world. The central content of the training includes a concise introduction to the user interface, getting to know the most important functions and configuration options and passing on valuable tips & tricks.

Since design and development departments vary from company to company and face different challenges, we also offer you various individual training courses directly on your premises in addition to the standard training. Set your own focuses for the training and reach your objective with tailored training solutions. You tell us your objectives – we create a tailor-made training programme.

For more information and individual advice, please get in touch with us!


MDESIGN bolt - Online-Workshop

Learn the safe calculation of bolted joints with MDESIGN bolt for optimal design results...

Logo Formula Student Germany
StartUp Formula Student Germany - Online-Workshop

The fast introduction to the calculation software MDESIGN - exclusively for racing teams of Formula Student Germany...

Steigern Sie Ihre Produktivität mit den MDESIGN Trainingsangeboten - hier geht’s zu den aktuellen Terminen
MDESIGN training

Learn how make the best possible use of MDESIGN to assist you with your engineering activities. Exploit the full potential of the tool and benefit from a...

MDESIGN multibolt workshop: Calculation of multi-bolted joints made easy
MDESIGN multibolt workshop

Learn how to calculate multi bolted joints and flanged connections as well as bracket connections and plate screw fittings safely and easily....