MDESIGN author workshop

Take your own company calculations to the next level

MDESIGN author workshop: Easily create your own operations for calculation
  • Introduction to the development environment MDESIGN author
  • Quick creation of input and output variables
  • Use of materials from the MDESIGN data base
  • Creation of a presentation of graphic results (2D and 3D outlines)
  • Preparation of a complete MDESIGN module


About the topic

Short innovation cycles, increasing international competition and new business models - to only name a few challenges for companies in the background of digitization and Industry 4.0. The key to a successful digital transformation lies in the structured and sustainable processing, provisioning and usage of company know-how to safe the productivity and the competitiveness. Without the use of powerful tools, efficient knowledge management is hardly possible.

The workshop conveys a compact overview of the authoring system MDESIGN author. You learn how to create your own calculation application quickly and comfortable with MDESIGN author - without high programming effort. Already during the workshop you´ll create your own application with the help of our trainer. With the free MDESIGN author license you can use the author tool for your own specific application for three months.


Target audience

The workshop is primarily aimed at MDESIGN users with basic knowledge of programming. Specialized programming skills are not required.


  • Digitize processes: Take a step towards Industry 4.0. With the authoring tool MDESIGN author, you can develop your own calculation application and create a digital work environment.
  • Manage company know-how: Prepare your operation know-how as structured and user-friendly as possible and secure this know-how for the long term. With MDESIGN author you can transform calculations with formulas, diagrams, graphs, texts and pictures into powerful and sustainable applications.
  • Focus on the essentials: Don´t waste time with the search for relevant engineering information anymore. Save all important calculation data in one place to access them at any time.
  • Strengthen cooperation: Simplify and speed up the cooperation in your team with the MDESIGN author solution. Allow all project members access to your own applications, so they all use the same calculation methods.
  • Multilingualism and documentation: Benefit from all advantages of the known MDESIGN solutions. Your own applications include the documentation function, the multilingualism, the help system and the database connection.


Technical requirements

For the duration of the workshop we provide you a computer with an installed MDESIGN version.


Every participant who successfully completes the workshop, receives a certificate and the workshop material in a compact handbook.