MDESIGN multibolt workshop

Calculation of multi-bolted joints made easy

MDESIGN multibolt workshop: Calculation of multi-bolted joints made easy
  • Determine forces and torques via MDESIGN multibolt – even without finite element skills
  • Modeling of joint and stress patterns by using the 3D graphic assistant
  • Calculation of multi-bolted joints in compliance with the VDI guideline 2230
  • Automatic transfer of the result to the single-bolt caltulation – an intersection between MDESIGN multibolt and MDESIGN bolt


About the topic

In the mechanical engineering sector one question recurred again and again: How can multi-screwed bolt-connections, flange connections, console connections and common plate screw fittings with multiple screws be easily calculated? The VDI guideline 2230 prevailed as the state of the art selection and strength reliability calculation method for bolted joints. The compliance of machines and machine elements to this guideline is not only demanded by testing organisations, but also by customers and suppliers.

The participants will not only learn the modeling of multi-screwed joints using case samples in MDESIGN multibolt, but they will also determine the securities for each single screw via the subsequent calculation with MDESIGN bolt. Thus, all the demanded calculations can be performed by all workshop participants without any additional burdens by using MDESIGN multibolt and MDESIGN bolt.


Target audience

The workshop is addressed to, but not limited to engineers, specialists and instructors at educational institutions with basic knowledge in the theory of bolt calculations. Skills in the use of MDESIGN are helpful, but not necessary. All needed operational requirements will be taught during the workshop.


  • Competitive edge: Expand your methodical expertise about multi-bolted screws. Develop innovative products better and faster than your competitors in the future.
  • Load determination: Experience, how easily you can perform calculations of load determination of single bolts in a multi-bolted screw system for typical practical screwings.
  • Calculation: Understand the possibilities by easily transfer and calculate the results of the most-stressed bolt, the load data and all constraints into the single-bolt system MDESIGN bolt with only one click and in a secure way!
  • Verification: Calculate the reliability of multi-bolted screws complying with the standards of the VDI guideline 2230.
  • Practical relevance: Dimension highly-stressed multi-bolted screws in case examples with the help of a modern calculation tool in a time-saving way and assisted by 3D imagery. Use MDESIGN bolt and MDESIGN multibolt in current or upcoming projects up until 30th September 2019.


Technical requirements

For the duration of the workshop, we will provide computers on which MDESIGN is already installed.



Each participant receives a participation certificate and the workshop papers in printed form.