New: ACE calculation tools available in the MDESIGN Dubbel Edition

New in the MDESIGN Dubbel Edition: Access to ACE calculation tools

The free MDESIGN Dubbel Edition has expanded its scope of application by new calculation possibilities in the area of damping and vibration technology: Thanks to the cooperation with the ACE Controls Inc. - the world-wide leader for industrial damping technology - users have access to powerful online tools for the calculation and selection of shock absorbers and gas springs.

Use hundreds of interactive technical formulas online

The MDESIGN Dubbel Edition - the free online tool for the textbook DUBBEL - Taschenbuch für den Maschinenbau - offers students, trainees and technically interested users access to numerous interactive formulas from seven different areas (inter alia physics, mechanical design, machine elements, hydraulics). It is the first extract from our proven MDESIGN software solution for the design, calculation, optimization and documentation of machine elements and assembly groups which is available online.

Calculation of shock absorbers and gas springs made easy

The ACE Controls Inc. is the first online service for shock absorbers, gas springs and vibration technology represented in the MDESIGN Dubbel Edition. For registered users, this means access to two additional calculation tools in the area “machine elements”. This includes calculation and selection possibilities for miniature and industrial shock absorbers and safety bumpers as well as the ACE gas spring calculation. The intuitive icon design of the MDESIGN Dubbel Edition helps you to easily find and use the new ace calculation tools “shock absorbers” and “gas springs”.


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