Digital tools for technical documentation

Fulfill the verification obligation with one click

Comply with the obligation to provide evidence in accordance with EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and Product Safety Act (ProdSG)

Increasing quality demands and expectations of inspection authorities and customers reinforce the relevance of comprehensive technical documentation in mechanical and plant engineering. Complete technical documentation is required at the latest when a machine is to be placed on the market for the first time. In Europe, machines must comply with the health and safety requirements of the EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. In Germany, these are defined by the Product Safety Act (ProdSG).

According to the EC Machinery Directive, technical documentation must include design and calculation verifications. These include complete information on the construction and use of the machine. Without these documents, the machine cannot be put into operation. Incomplete or even faulty documentation may result in penalties.

Optimisation of work processes through technical documentation

However, complete and uniform documentation must not only be created due to legal requirements, it also enables the transparent presentation of work processes in the company. Failures and fluctuation in project teams can lead to interruptions in ongoing projects. If work progress and relevant data are backed up centrally and made available to all project participants, such failures can be compensated quicker. Efficient digital work structures thus save time and money in the long term.

Simplify your technical documentation with digital tools

Digital tools such as the calculation software MDESIGN simplify technical documentation, as this can be easily created by the software following the calculation process.

In the following, this process will be illustrated using MDESIGN as an example:

Following your design calculations, you can create comprehensive verification documentation at the click of a mouse. In addition to your input data, this also contains the underlying standards, guidelines and formulae, as well as calculation results, graphics and tables - and in up to six languages.

Individual verification documentation according to your wishes

Would you like to add your company logo to your documentation, integrate an individual cover sheet in front of your documents or add further attachments? With just a few clicks you can customise your documents as you wish:

Under "Project data" you can change the document header, for example to enter project, author and customer names. Further adjustments can be made in the "Document layout", such as integrating your own title page, logo or other attachments. For further information regarding your calculation, a text field is available under "Project description".

Selection of document layout and language

Three different layouts are available for the desired presentation of your documents. Further layouts can be realised by our team at any time on request. Please contact us. For your document language, you have the choice between German and English in each module. In some modules (e.g. MDESIGN bolt) you can choose from additional languages. This not only saves translation costs, but also ensures the correct translation of technical terms.

In addition, you have the option of adapting the scope of documentation if, for example, you only want to present selected graphics from your calculation to your customers or do not want to include sensitive internal material characteristics. Modify your documentation if desired under "Output scope" by setting check marks.


A picture is worth a thousand words - visualisation through 3D models

3D models offer the simple visualisation of designs and thus the possibility to quickly capture and evaluate them. MDESIGN offers these helpful tools for engineers and designers in several modules, for example for bolted connections or shaft calculations. Embedded 3D models in your PDF documentation also allow individual viewing: the 3D object can be rotated and zoomed in on in the PDF document, giving you a comprehensive assessment from all perspectives.

MDESIGN enables the complete technical documentation of your machines and systems. We will be happy to answer your questions or present the possibilities of technical documentation with MDESIGN in detail.

Get to know MDESIGN directly and check the extensive calculation and documentation functions for your projects free of charge.





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