Easy online calculation with the free MDESIGN Dubbel Edition

MDESIGN Dubbel Edition: Kostenfrei hunderte Formeln aus der Technik berechnen

Use technical formulas and materials directly in your browser. From everywhere and at any time. The free online tool MDESIGN Dubbel Edition for the new edition of the textbook DUBBEL - Taschenbuch für den Maschinenbau makes it possible. It offers you access to several hundred formulas in seven different areas: Mechanical design, machine elements, geometry, hydraulics, manufacturing methods, pneumatics and physics. The clear icon layout helps to find the right formula easily. The time-consuming search for right formulas in different information sources like reference or scientific books belongs to the past.

The MDESIGN Dubbel Edition not only provides a compact overview of important technical formulas, but also offers the quick and comfortable usage. Just choose a formula application and define the parameters. Context-sensitive explanations and graphics simplify the understanding and support within the defining of the parameters. Per mouse click, within seconds, the MDESIGN Dubbel Edition supplies the results.

... and much more I: Quickly to relevant material data

The selection of materials and the determination of necessary material properties, per example for advanced strength calculations, is due to the variety of materials difficult and time-consuming. The MDESIGN Dubbel Edition offers you a functional and time-saving solution. Using the free online tool you can determine material properties according to the current FKM Guideline “Analytical Strength Assessment of Components” (6.th Edition 2012) within seconds. The special feature: The MDESIGN Dubbel Edition calculates characteristics depending on the component measures, the heat treatment and the operating temperature - suitable for your specific case of application.

Compared to the MDESIGN industrial version, however, its scope is considerably limited: While the MDESIGN industrial version provides you with property data for several hundred materials, the free MDESIGN Dubbel Edition provides you with material data for 50 materials.

... and much more II: Calculate tolerances and fits without effort

In addition, the MDESIGN Dubbel Edition enables you to determine fits and tolerances according to DIN ISO 286 in a time-saving manner and to efficiently perform statistical tolerance analyses based on your functional dimensions.

PS: The MDESIGN Dubbel Edition automatically creates documentation in PDF format. Simply open the document directly in your browser or download it to your desktop with a mouse click. Thus, you have direct access to input data, graphics and results and can share this information conveniently with colleagues.


Start right now: Register here and use the free MDESIGN Dubbel Edition already in your next project.


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