6th Engineering Newcomer 2019: MDESIGN is now part of the jury

MDESIGN is now part of the jury of the Engineering Newcomer 2019 contest

It´s time again: The Engineering Newcomer design competition starts its sixth round. MDESIGN is new part of the expert jury of the successful engineering contest. We are looking forward to award the most outstanding college projects in engineering and development in cooperation with the CADENAS GmbH, the norelem Normelemente KG and the Bundesarbeitskreis Fachschule für Technik.


Watch out young engineers: Score points with your creative ideas

From now on students and pupils from technical subjects of universities and technical colleges have the opportunity to enter this year’s Engineering Newcomer! How? To participate, you just need a project or a thesis in engineering and development - created as part of a student research project. Your work will be evaluated by our partners and us based on the following criteria:

  • Innovation/creativity
  • Practical use, technological benefit, market opportunities
  • Function and handling as well as technological implementation

Just register yourself or your team online at www.engineering-newcomer.com and upload photos, videos and your project data. Participation deadline is 31 July 2019.


Attractive cash prizes and unique career springboard

The Engineering Newcomer contest is a great opportunity to gain a lot of attention for your engineering project and to obtain an award, which increases career chances in future work life! The Engineering Newcomer attracts great minds with motivating cash prizes for the participating students or pupils and their educational institution: 2.000 EUR for the first place and their institution, 1.000 EUR for the second place and their institution and yet another 500 EUR for the third placed participants and their school. The winning schools gain the opportunity to show their desirable victory seal in gold, silver or bronze respectively on their website.


Further information and the possibilty to take part directly: www.engineering-newcomer.com.


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