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The Corona crisis is forcing us to make changes in our work processes. But even in times of crisis, project goals must be met and the quality of processes must be assured.

For your support we provide MDESIGN free of charge with full functionality until the end of May. Whether you are an existing or prospective customer, we would like to support you in your home office work in the best possible way - for safe and effective work processes in design and development.


Our offer for prospects:

Register and test MDESIGN free of charge and without obligation until the end of May with full functionality by clicking „Free version“.*

Our offer for MDESIGN customers:

Use MDESIGN for your home office work. Simply request your personal MDESIGN workstation license with your registered e-mail address (company address) by clicking „Free version“.


The free MDESIGN workstation licence is valid until 31.05.2020 and includes:

  • MDESIGN explorer and MDESIGN PDF/A as client license
  • MDESIGN mechanical
  • MDESIGN technology
  • MDESIGN bolt
  • MDESDESIGN multibolt
  • MDESIGN shaft
  • MDESIGN bearing
  • MDESIGN gear
  • MDESIGN weld
  • MDESIGN espresso

All calculations have unlimited access to all databases, optimization and documentation functions!

* If you have already registered for an activation until the end of April, you can extend your application period until the end of May. Simply reply to the e-mail address with which we have confirmed your previous activation.


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