MDESIGN 2020 is available!

Extended application thanks to practical innovations

MDESIGN 2020 is available! New tools, improved features and an easy handling.

MDESIGN 2020 is available! New calculation methods and bases, improved features and an updated user interface accelerate the development process and ensure that you market your products more safely and efficiently.

Developed from practical experience: New calculation tools
  • MDESIGN 2020 includes a new library giving you quick and precise results for the verification of welds. MDESIGN weld designs and optimizes welded connections according to three different methods (Eurocode, FKM guideline, DVS) in a minimum of time.
  • For shaft geometries that exceed standard DIN 743, MDESIGN shaft now also performs the analytical strength assessment according to FKM guideline. The CAD interface for importing the shaft geometry as STEP file additionally saves time.
  • MDESIGN multibolt no longer only determines forces and loads in accordance with VDI 2230 part 2, but also performs the strength assessment according to VDI 2230 part 1 for every individual bolt used.
  • The calculation library MDESIGN gear now also considers crown gears as new gear type. Moreover, new plastics are available as material and company-specific material data can be added to the MDESIGN user database easily and quickly.
  • For components that are subject to the “European Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU”, MDESIGN espresso now generates verifications for screws and gaskets according to DIN EN 13445 and AD 2000 for vessels, tubes and nozzles.
Faster and better results thanks to new visualisations

By means of a modernized and standardized 3D graphical assistant, bolted joints, shafts and pressure vessels can be modelled and analyzed quickly and precisely. Boundary conditions (such as loads, forces) and materials can be easily set and positioned flexibly. The display of deformations, stresses and loads, for example, then enables a significant evaluation of the results. The visualization of calculated gears as animated 3D model makes an immediate evaluation of correlations (e.g. machining process) possible.

The new documentation in MDESIGN 2020 supports the import and display of interactive 3D models in PDF files. Graphics can be rotated, tilted, zoomed and viewed from all sides directly in the PDF document to accurately analyze specific points of the object. Customers as well as users now have the same interactive user experience and modifications in the design of machine elements can already be discussed in the development phase. Due to the possibility of creating and adding customized title pages, the possibilities of customization and configuration of the documentation pages are enhanced.

Modern look, easy handling

New graphics, optimized fonts, updated coloring and an improved navigation ensure higher usability and easier handling in MDESIGN 2020. Also the information system is completely revised and convinces with a modern and clearly structured interface. Product and company solutions of the supplier industry can now be found even better than before.

Start your free trial today and experience the new features or contact us for further information. Customers with a service contract can download MDESIGN 2020 from the customer forum - free of charge.


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