New in the MDESIGN Dubbel Edition: Calculations for the cutting technology

New in the MDESIGN Dubbel Edition: Calculations for the cutting technology

Calculate relevant performance values quickly and easily online to achieve best results with your metal cutting tools. This is now made possible with the new features of the free MDESIGN Dubbel Edition.

In addition to the already available topics of mechanical design, machine elements, geometry, hydraulics, manufacturing methods, pneumatics and physics, the MDESIGN Dubbel Edition contains new interactive technical formulas in the field of cutting technique. After defining a few input values (e.g. calculation method, cutter position, material or amount of cutting edges) you can calculate within seconds all relevant performance values for the two manufacturing methods “Milling” and “Grinding”. This includes the cutting force and power, the active power speed and other important factors like the feed speed, the engine power and the peak hours. With just one click the input data, results and graphics can be downloaded and saved in PDF/A format.

The full calculation and documentation functions are available for registered users of the MDESIGN Dubbel Edition. Try the new modules online and free of charge at


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