Module of the month: Strength verification according to FKM Guideline


Comply with the increasing verification obligations in mechanical and plant engineering without any problems and evaluate the stresses determined with the help of FE simulation. The new calculation library MDESIGN technology enables you to perform time-saving, professional strength analyses according to the FKM guideline "Analytical Strength Assessment of Components" (6th edition 2012) taking into account all essential influencing variables. The results determined with MDESIGN technology enable qualified assessments of the load-bearing capacity of various components and serve as a basis for optimization.

Safe product development with new calculation methods

The scope of application of MDESIGN technology includes the efficient, guideline compliant execution of static strength analyses and fatigue strength analyses with local stresses. The calculation with local stresses is used, among other things, for surface and volume-shaped components or when the stress is determined according to FEM. The verification applies to both welded and non-welded components.

The context-sensitive MDESIGN help system in the form of texts, selection tables and graphics supports you in determining the required input values (including stress values, partial safety factors, temperature, geometry and dimensioning). Thanks to the extensive MDESIGN database for welded and non-welded components, whose values are based on the FKM guideline, all required material parameters can be transferred to the input mask at the click of a mouse. For the local verification of the welded joints, it is possible to choose between different types of weld and FAT classes and for the location of the verification between base material, weld and heat-affected zone.

MDESIGN then immediately determines material parameters, stresses, safety factors and load factors. The calculation results enable a quick and accurate evaluation of the component's load-bearing capacity. FE results can thus be evaluated specifically. Input values, calculation formulas, underlying standards, results as well as graphics and tables can then be summarized into a comprehensive, individually customizable calculation documentation in seconds.

Numerous application cases ensure project deadlines

A major advantage of the "General strength assessment according to FKM" is its broad applicability. For applications in which an abstraction of the existing geometry can lead to the falsification of the results of a standard verification, methods with numerically determined local stresses are a very good alternative. Such preliminary calculations can minimize complex test procedures or test bench runs and make project times even more reliable.

Convince yourself and conduct analytical strength assessments according to FKM with MDESIGN technology directly in your current projects. Try the new calculation library free and non-binding for 14 days. Just contact us by phone at +49 234 30703-60 or by email at


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