New calculation tools for thermodynamics

MDESIGN Dubbel Edition: Neue Berechnungstools für die Thermodynamik

The scope of the MDESIGN Dubbel Edition is expanding continuously. In addition to the already available tools in the fields of mechanics, machine elements, clutches/brakes, geometry, hydraulic systems, pneumatics, physics, production processes and machining, the MDESIGN Dubbel Edition now consists of new, interactive formulae and calculation algorithms for the technical thermodynamics.


Just quickly determining the heat transfer on a pipe, a rough determination of data or look up important material properties? Not a problem with the MDESIGN Dubbel Edition from now on: After the input of the basic parameters (e.g. coefficients of length or volume expansion, temperature, materials) of your case of application, you will get important results like for example the length or  volume after heating, as well as changes in length or volume after heating by just one mouse click. By using the new tool „Heat Transfer“, you can easily calculate heat exchangers, heat flow, heat transfer coefficient, etc. All important information such as input data, available graphics, and results are at your disposal for downloading and saving in the PDF/A format right after the calculation is done.

Use the new tools here free of charge. The complete extent of documentation and calculation options is available to registered users.


Updated version with new features | MDESIGN 2020 Second Edition

Updated version with new features

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