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MDESIGN Dubbel Edition: New modules for machining

The MDESIGN Dubbel Edition now allows for the quick and easy calculation of important cutting and performance data for the production processes “drilling” and “turning” – anywhere, at any time and for free.

In addition to the existing modules in the area of mechanical design, machine elements, clutches/brakes, geometry, hydraulics, manufacturing methods, pneumatics and physics the MDESIGN Dubbel Edition includes new tools for machining.

After entering relevant input parameters of your application (e.g. drill diameter, cutting length and speed, feed, included angle) the MDESIGN Dubbel Edition provides important performance values for the two cutting techniques “drilling” and “turning” within a mouse click. This includes the cutting and feed rate, cutting force, torque and performance. Afterwards the input parameters, graphics and results are available for downloading and storage in PDF/A format.

Try the new modules for free online at The complete calculation and documentation functions are available for registered users of the MDESIGN Dubbel Edition.


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