MDESIGN software solutions

Calculate machine elements

MDESIGN explorer

User interface for engineers

Everyone knows: when you need specific information to solve a design problem, this is generally not directly accessible. The user interface, the MDESIGN explorer, contains a wealth of answers centrally in a single location: calculation libraries, formulae, material properties or manufacturers’ specifications. Here, the modern and intuitive design guarantees that you’ll find what you’re looking for quickly.

MDESIGN mechanical

Unique scope of calculation

While conventional design tools often only perform calculations for individual machine elements, MDESIGN offers you a unique set of features. Because with MDESIGN mechanical, you can already design, check, optimise and document more than 50 different machine elements with efficient use of time and in compliance with the standards.

MDESIGN technology

Materials and strength in accordance with the FKM directive

The arithmetical proof of strength for machine components according to FKM presents challenges for users owing to the cross-part applicability, for example. Produce proofs of strength in accordance with the directive for welded and non-welded components in a short space of time with MDESIGN technology. You can also access a comprehensive materials database.


Simply standard-compliant bolt calculation

Verification management for bolts in accordance with recognised standards and directives is becoming increasingly important – to both customers and testing organisations. Benefit from a high-performance tool for designing and optimising bolt connections with functional reliability in accordance with VDI guideline 2230 sheet 1 and Eurocode 3 with MDESIGN bolt.

MDESIGN multibolt

Analysis of multi-bolt connections

The systematic analysis of multi-bolt connections in accordance with VDI guideline 2230 sheet 2 is time-consuming and can frequently only be done with the use of numerical methods. MDESIGN multibolt makes the professional calculation of the intensity of load for the single bolt connection with the highest load within a multi-bolt connection possible for you – with absolutely no FEM.


Dokumentation im zertifizierten Langzeitformat

Aufgrund von gesetzlichen Bestimmungen sind Unternehmen verpflichtet, bestimmte konstruktionsprozessbegleitende Dokumente aufzubewahren. Um Sie bei der Langzeitarchivierung von technischen Dokumentationen zu unterstützen, liefert MDESIGN sicherheitskonforme Dokumente mit. Per Mausklick können Ergebnisdokumente im PDF/A-Format nach ISO 19005 erstellt, konfiguriert und gespeichert werden.


Reliable optimization of shafts

Despite continuous development in the design and manufacturing processes, breakdowns in mechanical engineering which can be traced back to damage to axles and shafts continue to occur. Act promptly to prevent damage and make use of a professional tool for designing and optimising shafts and axles with functional and operational reliability in accordance with DIN 743 with MDESIGN shaft.

MDESIGN connect

Integration into a CAD environment

Manual data transmission between CAD systems and calculation tools such as MDESIGN is time-consuming and prone to error. Save valuable calculation time and benefit from improved data integrity with MDESIGN CAD integration. Because MDESIGN connect transfers your 3D model geometries with a click of the mouse. And in the popular future-oriented STEP format.


Design gears safely

With the continuing development of calculation and simulation methods, and thanks to new manufacturing processes, the requirements for gears with regard to functional reliability and performance are continually on the rise. Make use of MDESIGN gear to safely design a wide variety of gears (e.g. spur gears or bevel and hypoid gears), optimise them in compliance with the standards and save time on documentation.

MDESIGN gearbox

Complete gearboxes in “one” gear

The development of gearboxes presents complex challenges for designers: low weight, low noise generation and the most cost-effective possible manufacturing. This requires high-performance software. Make use of a tried and tested tool for designing and checking multi-stage spur, planetary and bevel gearboxes efficiently and in accordance with the requirements with MDESIGN gearbox.


Load distribution on gears

In addition to design in accordance with the requirements, cost pressure and changing customer needs demand continuous optimisation of gearboxes. MDESIGN LVR uses load distribution calculations to allow for first-class stress analysis of gears in multi-stage spur gearboxes. Optimise the distribution, for example, through targeted changes to parameters.

MDESIGN author

Reliably integrate your own calculations

The efficient preparation, provision and maintenance of the company’s own know-how is increasingly critical for success in order to secure the company’s productivity and competitive edge. With the MDESIGN author authoring system, you can create future-oriented MDESIGN calculation programs within a short space of time without the usual programming work.


Automate calculation processes

A thousand calculation runs to establish comprehensive verification management for components and complete assemblies is not uncommon. With MDESIGN batch, you can automate complex and recurring calculation processes and benefit from a significant increase in efficiency - both in calculation and in development and design.

MDESIGN espresso

Maintaining the pressure in the boiler

The design of pressure vessels is a time-intensive process owing to the test steps in plant construction. The smallest mistakes during the design process can also lead to serious accidents. MDESIGN espresso allows you to design and check pressure vessels and the associated components in accordance with AD 2000 and DIN EN 13445 quickly and reliably.

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