Load distribution on gears

MDESIGN LVR/LVRplanet: Determine the correct distribution of weight for involute cylindrical gears

Load distribution calculations for involute spur gears can be performed with MDESIGN LVR. Calculation of the load distribution is done using the width of the flank and the direction of engagement. The results of the calculation are presented graphically and can be displayed for both the individual contacts and the contacts as a whole. The result of the load distribution calculation as the ratio of maximum to average strain on the area of contact can be documented quickly and reliably. In addition, all results from the geometry calculation (DIN 3960) and the service life calculation (DIN 3990) are displayed.

Even complex applications are readily usable with MDESIGN

Complex problems which arise for optimisation of the details must also be dealt with using a modern, user-friendly system. The MDESIGN architecture ensures that this very requirement is met. The necessary inputs are systematically broken down by processing groups. Thanks to the status bar, which processing groups tasks have already been defined for is clearly visible. This architecture ensures practice-oriented user guidance right through to definite production of all documents.

Optimal flank geometry is the goal

Based on environment analysis with regard to rigidity and deformation, MDESIGN LVR automatically presents suggestions for flank modifications. A constant face width can thus be achieved right from the start. Thanks to extensive options, all modifications which are relevant in practice can be represented in MDESIGN LVR. Measured flank topologies can also be imported. Deformations in gearboxes cannot be eliminated, but they can be superimposed such that they cancel each other out. MDESIGN LVR provides the necessary information here.


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