Automate calculation processes

MDESIGN batch: Automate complex calculation operations

Calculations, component analysis and design is a creative process. MDESIGN facilitates this work process and speeds up the generation of results and variant evaluation. The interactivity between the user and the method is thus part of product development and modification design. Nevertheless, companies also strive to develop product ranges and modular elements. The design and documentation of components therefore often becomes a routine. It is divided into automated processes. If these are digitised, the calculation process also becomes part of the overarching design process.

MDESIGN as part of process chains

In these new development and design processes, MDESIGN takes on an essential role as more than just an interactive tool. The new batch functionality also guarantees the benefit of all MDESIGN advantages in automated processes. All MDESIGN modules and libraries can also be accessed by external processes. Framework conditions and characteristic values can be transferred using standardised XML data exchange. These are automatically processed by the MDESIGN batch process. All results and the graphic evaluation are then provided in standardised, readable formats in turn. The process can then use these further down the processing chain.

MDESIGN becomes a standardised background process which runs automatically. Standard calculation methods are quickly and reliably integrated into in-house processes. Time-consuming performance of standard calculation is no longer required. The necessary updates are done through the MDESIGN service. Companies can thus concentrate on the efficient digitisation of the in-house processes.


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