MDESIGN bearing

Service life calculation for roller bearings

MDESIGN bearing: Bearing calculation in accordance with DIN 26281

MDESIGN bearing is the leading program for the calculation of bearings. Taking all relevant influencing factors into account, the tool carries out comprehensive service life calculations for radial and axial roller bearings within a short space of time. DIN ISO 281 forms the calculation basis. While the roller bearing calculation available in MDESIGN mechanical is aimed at basic users, MDESIGN bearing also supports:

  • Consideration of bearing combinations
  • The nominal and modified reference service life in accordance with DIN 26281 and ISO/TS 16281
  • Interpretation of results and documentation enhancement using results graphics
  • Consideration of catalogue data from Schaeffler, SKF, IBC, KRW, Timken and SBN, for example
  • Individual entry of other manufacturers is possible
Extended range of applications thanks to a variety of bearing arrangements

MDESIGN bearing allows you not only to perform calculations for an individual bearing, but also to take a variety of bearing arrangements such as bearings in an O and X arrangement into account. The combination of the two requirements profiles not only extends the range of applications for the tool, it also provides new opportunities for maximising the stiffness or load bearing capacity of a bearing attachment. Bearing sets, i.e. the stringing together of bearings of the same type, can also be taken into account.

Closer to the mark with modern roller bearer calculation methods

The classic roller bearing design method in accordance with DIN ISO 281 is based on the manufacturers’ load ratings and infinitely rigid bearings. The new methods, however, get much closer to the realistic conditions. They also take into account the compression of individual rolling elements and the ultimately finite stiffness of the bearings. Since ever more customers and manufacturers are requesting this method for service life calculation, MDESIGN bearing delivers the results in the customary, user-friendly form with individual, rapidly produced documentation.


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