MDESIGN espresso

Safety even under pressure

MDESIGN espresso: Quickly and reliably calculate and recalculate pressure vessels in accordance with AD2000 and DIN EN 13445

With MDESIGN espresso, you can calculate, design and verify highly stressed, pressurized component parts systematically and in compliance with guidelines according to regulations AD 2000 or standard EN 13445.


Easy pre-dimensioning with the integrated 3D configurator

The integrated 3D configurator makes it easier for you to design and select different components. Simulate your relevant parameters and have your results, such as deformation, stress or load, clearly displayed. The created models can also be integrated into your CAD system using STEP format.


Advantages of the integrated 3D configurator:

  • Clear representation and flexible positioning of forces and parameters in 3D
  • Three-dimensional model construction, simulation and verification of results
  • Export of models via STEP format into your CAD system


Extensive MDESIGN materials database with over 450 materials

MDESIGN's extensive material database provides standardized material properties (material number, tensile strength, yield strength, interfacial pressure, etc.) for over 450 materials.

This enables you to find the optimum material for your application, for example for selecting the bolt material and the components to be bolted. In addition, you can enter your company's own material data and make it uniformly available to all employees involved.


Optimize designs and meet safety requirements in a time-saving way

With MDESIGN espresso, you can dimension pressurized components so that they withstand the loads during their operating life, fulfill their function optimally and meet the safety requirements of the European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED 2014/68/EU). MDESIGN espresso determines results and verifications at the click of a mouse - even for different parameters. The graphical visualization of the results in clear 3D graphics supports you in the fast and safe evaluation of your design.


Transparency and traceability in the calculation documentation

Documentation and thus traceability of product development is not only expected by testing facilities. With a single click, MDESIGN creates all documents required for calculation documentation, including boundary conditions, notes, results and graphical evaluations. The documents can be customized with your company logo and data and are available in English and German by default. On request, we offer additional language functions (e.g. French, Russian, Chinese).



Overview of individual modules in MDESIGN espresso:

Pressure Vessels

Design and calculate your pressure vessels according to AD 2000 and DIN EN 13445.


Design and calculate your flange connections according to AD 2000-Merkblatt B 7 and Merkblatt B 8 or DIN Vornorm 2505.

Flat ends, plates

Calculate flat ends and plates together with anchorages according to AD 2000-Merkblatt B 5.

Geometry, Flange

Extensive and expandable database: The integrated database offers a large number of pre-installed shapes and profiles. In addition, custom flange geometries for pressure equipment can be integrated into the database of the calculation modules "Pressure Vessels", "Flanges" and "Flat ends, plates".

Materials & Plant

Extensive and expandable database: In addition to numerous integrated materials, you can integrate your own materials into the database of the calculation modules "Pressure Vessels", "Flanges" and "Flat ends, plates".


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