MDESIGN espresso

Maintaining the pressure in the boiler

MDESIGN espresso: Quickly and reliably calculate and recalculate pressure vessels in accordance with AD2000 and DIN EN 13445

MDESIGN espresso allows you to design and check pressure vessels and the associated components in accordance with AD 2000 data sheets and DIN EN 13445 quickly and reliably. As relevant handbooks for design in apparatus and plant engineering, these both provide the design and calculation rules for container and pipeline construction.

Calculate individual components in systems and based on databases

The The majority of calculations are still performed for individual components. When designing pressure vessels, however, – even in a variety of variants – the same components come into contact time and again. This persuaded us to support complete container projects with any number of individual components with MDESIGN espresso.

Generate comprehensive documentation of results effortlessly

In order to provide assurance with regard to the Product Liability Act, the EC Machinery Directive and the DIN/ISO quality criteria, MDESIGN compiles input data, results and graphics - including the underlying formulae and framework conditions - to automatically produce understandable documentation of results. The associated transparency allows for improvement of the results themselves on the one hand, and also aids convergence of design and calculation practices, which are frequently very distinct.


MDESIGN espresso will be updated and restructured with the modern MDESIGN software architecture this year. If you are interested in a rental, please contact us!


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