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Document, proof, inform - User interface for engineers | MDESIGN

A key decision point for the use of digital systems is the user guidance and thus the quick and easy use. The more extensive the content, the more demanding the requirements of the engineers. MDESIGN explorer has proven itself for more than 30 years with many thousands of users.

This goal is achieved by the systematic and intuitive structure. All applications for boundary conditions, help and information are identical - for every calculation task. The same applies to the selection of e.g. materials, distinguishing features and geometries. The display of results and graphical evaluations immediately leads to the required decisions. In addition, users also use this simple navigation for extensive information research from the supplier industry. This ensures practical and fast applicability, easy orientation and a high level of user comfort. Together with the MDESIGN calculation libraries and expert modules, MDESIGN explorer is the prerequisite for modern and safe solutions for design and calculation tasks.



For daily practice - find what you are looking for faster

In addition to calculation-related basic and expert modules, there are also basic modules for daily practice in all subject areas. All basic modules can be used without restriction in the dimensioning and design phase.

And thanks to the link to the MDESIGN components online catalog, product, company and contact data from more than 1,000 manufacturers are always at hand.


Central operating unit for factory knowledge and documentation

Not only the standards- and technology-based MDESIGN basic and expert modules become operable with the MDESIGN explorer user interface. Factory knowledge, which has been used so far with EXCEL sheets or with Basic, Fortran and MathCAD programs, can be integrated into MDESIGN. With the authoring system MDESIGN author, the company's own processes and formulae are not only easier to use, they are also secured for the future.

For knowledge retention and immensely important verification, MDESIGN explorer also secures the documentation of calculation tasks. The documentation is automatically compiled from the inputs such as boundary conditions, characteristic parameters, loads, materials, the informative help and the results. With additional comments and necessary description data, the complete project documentation is thus created. The scope and content can be easily configured. At the push of a button in English - as standard. For a number of modules also in other languages such as French, Italian, German but also Chinese.



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