Design gears safely

MDESIGN gear: Secure calculation of gear solutions

Based on currently applicable standards (DIN, ISO, AGMA), calculation rules (VDI) and technical literature, it is possible for you to provide technically correct proof for enhanced gears using the calculation tools contained in MDESIGN gear. Here, the tool provides support in the design, checking and optimisation of:

  • Bevel and hypoid gears
  • Plastic gearwheels
  • Load bearing capacity of hollow gears with circle action
  • Micro-pitting resistance for pairs of spur gears
Transparency and documentation

MDESIGN offers you complete transparency in the calculation of results with graphics, references and cohesive documentation of results. Whether in HTML, RTF or PDF/A format, the documentation of results generated in MDESIGN includes the underlying methods, calculation rules and standards, geometry and material data and graphical analysis in addition to the calculation results.

Variant calculation for optimisation

In order to enable you to carry out variant calculations in the shortest possible time, MDESIGN includes the option of parametric analysis. Here, the input variables for a calculation are automatically varied and the number and size of the steps for each input variable are freely chosen. The effects of the varying inputs on the calculation results can then be quickly and accurately interpreted with the help of the clear representation.


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