MDESIGN gearbox

Complete gearboxes in “one” gear

MDESIGN gearbox: Calculate and recalculate spur-, planetary-, and bevel gears

MDESIGN gearbox allows for the rapid combination of machine elements and immediate evaluation as an assembly comprising shafts, their bearings and gears. Intuitive modelling with the 3D assistant leads to complete calculation of all components used in one go. Data transfer is therefore no longer necessary between the individual calculations. The result - both for new developments and for modifications to existing assemblies - is enormous time savings.

Prototype development with software-supported optimisation methods

Depending on the development stage for the module, MDESIGN gearbox is suitable for use for the quick assessment of new and existing components through to the optimisation of multi-stage gearbox designs. In this case, integrated optimisation processes relating to mass and installation space, volume or inertia can be used. A variant can be selected directly, or various proposals can be compared with one another.

From big to small: detailing for a production-ready result

The finished gearbox design then allows for a multitude of options for optimisation of the macro and micro-geometry. Determination of the gear modifications taking the gearbox elasticities into account and semi-automatic calculation of the housing rigidity constitute the range of options with MDESIGN gearbox in combination with the load distribution modules (LVR). Seamless data exchange with all common CAD systems can be optimally implemented by means of structured STEP models.


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