MDESIGN mechanical

Unique scope of calculation

MDESIGN mechanical: Mehr als 50 Maschinenelemente zeitsparend berechnen, optimieren und dokumentieren

MDESIGN mechanical allows you to design, check, optimise and document the most important machine elements professionally and efficiently. The comprehensive spectrum stretches from machine elements from connection technology, drive technology and spring technology through to mechanics. This includes:

  • Shafts and supports
  • Shaft-hub connections
  • Bolts and pins
  • Bolt connections
  • Gears
  • Belt and chain drives
  • Roller and plain bearings
  • Elastic springs
  • Adhesive and welded joints
  • Linear technology
  • Hydraulics and seals
Reducing liability risks through compliance with standards

Reduce your liability risk by ensuring, through the use of MDESIGN, that everyone involved in the development process is designing in accordance with the generally recognised state of the art. Because all calculations in MDESIGN are based on recognised national and international standards, guidelines and directives (DIN, ISO, VDI, FKM, AGMA, DNV, etc.). Changes to standards and calculation processes are continually integrated through regular software updates.

Meet the obligation to provide proof in next to no time

Comply with the increasing documentation requirements which result from the Product Liability Act, the EC Machinery Directive and the ISO quality criteria with no problem. You can then generate verifying documentation incl. input data, the underlying standards, directives and formulae, calculation results, graphics and tables from your calculation with a click of the mouse – and in up to 6 languages.


A solution for everything

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