MDESIGN multibolt

Analysis of multi bolted joints

MDESIGN multibolt: Calculation of multi bolted joints according to VDI 2230 part 2

Use MDESIGN multibolt to efficiently determine the bolt connection which is subject to the highest load within a bolt array (multi-bolt connection). Benefit from significant time savings since the FEM calculation of the load distribution on all bolts in accordance with VDI guideline 2230 sheet 2 is done automatically in the background. In the process, not only are the (additional) forces exerted on the bolt calculated, you also get the necessary characteristic values in order to then be able to realise the proof of strength for the critical single bolt connection in accordance with VDI 2230 sheet 1.

Verification of the bolt which is subject to the highest load in accordance with VDI 2230 sheet 1

The proof of strength for the single bolt connection which is subject to the highest load is then realised quickly and in compliance with the standards in MDESIGN bolt. All values required for these calculations such as the geometry of the connection, bolt forces, sheet flexibility and other properties are communicated from MDESIGN multibolt to MDESIGN bolt and processed with a click of the mouse. Automated data transmission not only saves you valuable development time, it also prevents clerical errors during data entry.

Extensive range of applications for your calculation

MDESIGN multibolt includes a wide range of shapes and display types:

  • Selection of flange shapes: In addition to round flange plates, rectangular and triangular plates are also available
  • Extensive shapes for adjacent constructions: round, rectangular and triangular, U, L, I and T profiles
  • Simple modelling of Bolt patterns using modified bolt pattern templates
  • Intuitive and quick creation, visualisation and modification of multi-bolt connections with the help of the graphical 3D assistant
  • Consideration of the effect of the operating temperature in the bolts and the components to be bolted together


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