Reliable optimization of shafts

MDESIGN shaft: Wellen betrienssicher berechnen und optimieren nach DIN 743

MDESIGN shaft supports supports you with the standard-compliant calculation of the load bearing capacity of shafts and axles in accordance with DIN 743. Here, proof of load bearing capacity is provided through determination of a mathematical certainty. In comparison with basic shaft calculation in MDESIGN mechanical, MDESIGN shaft includes a whole range of additional functions:

  • Consideration of hollow shafts and conical sections
  • Expansion to up to 50 shaft sections
  • Individual notch factors possible
  • Calculation of the critical bending speed
  • Extensive graphical presentation of results
Calculation notch shapes in accordance with DIN 743

Additional input options and a graphic assistant help you with description and definition of the shaft geometry and the loads. In addition to shaft sections, notch shapes in accordance with DIN 743 can also be positioned with a click of the mouse. Individual notch factors are also permissible here. The configuration of the bearings, forces and torques is also significantly enhanced in comparison with standard shaft calculation. Statically over-determined systems can thus also be calculated. Changes can be made using the assistants and can be visualised immediately.

Even more efficient thanks to a CAD interface

The new MDESIGN connect CAD interface imports and analyses your 3D CAD data in MDESIGN at the press of a button. The geometry values, curves and sections of the shaft are then transmitted to the input page with a click of the mouse. Laborious manual data transcription is thus a thing of the past. You also benefit from more security and higher data quality: error-prone manual data transcription is no longer necessary and your data is identical and up-to-date in all design systems.


A solution for everything

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