MDESIGN technology

Strength assessment according to FKM

MDESIGN technology: Durability Approval In Accordance With the FKM Directive

Technological foundations very often provide the basis for the necessary certainty in selection, calculation and proof. MDESIGN technology provides both the universally applicable verification method in accordance with the FKM directive “Arithmetical proof of strength for mechanical engineering parts” (6th edition 2012) and a comprehensive material database for this purpose. The realisation of directive-compliant static and dynamic proofs of strength is thus made possible within a very short time. Both welded and unwelded components are taken into account.

Finite element method vs. strength

MDESIGN MDESIGN technology offers you the option of precisely interpreting the stress results determined using the finite element method. As it takes all safety factors and other influences on the strength of a component into account, the proof of strength should be considered to be conservative. You can thus draw firm conclusions about FE results and the component strengths resulting from them within a short space of time.

Direct access to material properties

The MDESIGN database contains the relevant material properties for more than 350 materials for unwelded component materials and almost 100 for welded component materials. The broad range of available material data can be used to solve problems in a wide variety of areas without the need for you to laboriously research properties. In addition, you have the option of saving materials defined in-house in the database in order to be able to refer to them at any time.


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