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Material data & strength assessment - safety through fast information | MDESIGN
Proof of component strength in no time at all

Without performing proofs of component strength, it is hardly possible to place machinery and equipment safely and reliably on the market. Moreover, legislators, testing organisations and customers increasingly require proof demonstrating that products comply with applicable standards and directives. Performing such proofs of strength manually by applying classical methods such as calculators or Excel spreadsheets is often very time-consuming and prone to error.

Using MDESIGN technology, you can realise proofs of static strength and proofs of fatigue strength for metallic components in a few short minutes, reliably interpret the results and document the calculation process in accordance with the test requirements.

Features of the MDESIGN technology at a glance
  • Calculation basis: FKM directive (7th edition 2020)
  • Method: Proof of static strength & proof of fatigue strength
  • Type of stress: Local stresses
  • Component shape: Area and volume
  • Points of proof: welded & non-welded
  • Materials: Steel and aluminium
  • Database with more than 450 materials
  • Integration of company-internal materials
  • Multilingual: German and English
Design environment reliably determined

The tried and tested MDESIGN user interface helps you to define all relevant framework conditions of your use case. Thanks to the intuitive text and graphics aids, general information on the method (locally for welded or non-welded components), the type of stress (structural vs. notch stress) and the material is quickly determined. Furthermore, the external loads and descriptions of the component are reliably defined thanks to the help system. These include:

  • The different types of load,
  • The component geometry,
  • The safety factors,
  • The load details and
  • Information on the weld seam.

Material properties directly at hand

In addition to the relevant design and stress properties, all required material strength values can be determined directly using MDESIGN technology. The integrated MDESIGN database includes access to more than 450 materials according to the FKM directive. Via the user database, you can also add company-internal materials and make them available to everyone involved in a certain project. When determining a material, the technological size factor, the anisotropy factor as well as temperature factors can generally be considered. Amongst other things, the following properties are determined:

  • Modulus of elasticity
  • Elongation at break (A)
  • Component´s tensile strength (Rm)
  • Component´s yield point (Rp)
  • Theoretical stress concentration factor (Kp)

Making quicker and better decisions

After all relevant input values have been defined, MDESIGN technology performs a full proof of strength in a matter of minutes. Reliably designing and optimising components for the intended service life has never been easier. Amongst other things, the following results are output:

  • Material properties
  • Fatigue strength
  • Local stresses
  • Plastic notch sensitivity
  • Safety / reliability
  • Degree of utilisation

The graphical representation of the results will help you interpret the determined stresses and deformations correctly.


Each calculation comes with the right documentation

MDESIGN generates extensive calculation documentation including the input and result data of the strength calculation, the calculation process applied (FKM directive) and available graphics at the touch of a button. Configure the contents and scope of the report according to company-specific requirements: Display or hide graphics as required, save important project data or integrate your company logo. And thanks to the multilingualism of MDESIGN, the documentation will be available to you in English at the click of the mouse.


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