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MDESIGN mechanical – Roller Bearings

For the lifetime of a drive system, the bearing elements represent a component to be considered. In the case of the rolling bearing, DIN ISO 281 is used for the service life calculation in the module included here.
The required bearing data is provided by bearing manufacturers and can be quickly retrieved from a database. By specifying the possible installation situation, MDESIGN supports the bearing selection by filter and selection functions.
The corresponding MDESIGN modules provide results for

  • the consideration of bearing combinations
  • the calculation of the extended service life
  • calculation of the nominal and modified reference life according to DIN 26281 and ISO/TS 16281, respectively
  • the interpretation of results and documentation extension via result graphics
  • Graphical diagrams of the results
  • 3D models in STEP format


Depending on the application, you can expand your scope of services with the following expert module:


MDESIGN mechanical – Plane Bearings

For numerous applications in mechanical engineering, plain bearings offer the better solution compared to rolling bearings. The decisive influencing factors here are insensitivity to shocks and contamination, but also, for example, the possibilities for use at very high speeds. The required boundary conditions of lubrication and maintenance have to be weighed up. MDESIGN enables design and recalculation of:

  • Hydrodynamic axial plain bearings to DIN 31653 and DIN 31654
  • Stationary loaded radial plain bearings according to DIN 31652 and VDI 2204
  • ISO viscosity classification according to DIN 51519
  • and access to lubricant database with characteristic values from various manufacturers

Quickly obtainable results:

  • Geometry values
  • Temperatures
  • load capacities
  • Lubricant values
  • viscosities


MDESIGN mechanical – Linear Technology

In mechanical engineering and especially in drive technology, components from linear technology achieve best results for translational tasks. MDESIGN mechanical provides the modules for design and dimensioning:

  • Linear guides according to DIN ISO 281
  • Ball screws according to DIN ISO 3408
  • Access to integrated manufacturer catalogs
  • Access to current and solution-oriented manufacturer and product information is provided by the suppliers integrated here quickly with a simple click




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