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Shafts, axles, hubs - Optimize and design drive shafts | MDESIGN

MDESIGN mechanical - Shaft, Axles

For the optimization. Assessment and verification of the safety of shafts, different procedures can be used with MDESIGN. These are:

  • DIN 743
  • FMK guidelines

Basic notch shapes are easily considered via a graphical selection. Geometry data is quickly entered using the graphical assistent or transferred in STEP format via the MDESIGN connect interface. Bearing points, loads and boundary conditions are easy to add.
The corresponding MDESIGN modules provide results for

  • Geometry values
  • Bearing reaction forces
  • Bending and torsional torques
  • Bending and torsional loads
  • Tensile and compressive loads and forces
  • Values for deflections
  • Safety factors for fatigue failure and yielding
  • Static and dynamic safeties
  • Bending and torsion critical speeds
  • Strength verification according to DIN 743
  • Load factors according to FKM guideline
  • Graphical diagrams of the results
  • 3D models in STEP format

Depending on the application, you can expand your scope of services with the following expert module:

  • MDESIGN shaft enables you to quickly and efficiently design, recalculate and optimize shafts according to current norms and standards.


MDESIGN mechanical - Shaft-Hub Cconnections

Solutions in drive technology often require the efficient transmission of power and torques. MDESIGN offers different calculation modules for the design and selection of the appropriate shaft-hub connection. For both frictional and positive connections. These include:

  • Splined and splined shaft connections according to DIN 5464 and DIN ISO 14 with verification according to DIN 5466 or Niemann/Winter
  • Key connections according to DIN 6892
  • Polygon profiles P3G and P4C according to DIN 32711 and DIN 32712
  • Cylindrical longitudinal and transverse interference fit according to DIN 7190
  • Lever hubs, disc hubs, tapered connections and clamping elements
  • Axial tensions
  • Surface pressures for serrated and tapered connections

The corresponding MDESIGN modules provide results for, among others

  • geometry values
  • load data and surface pressures
  • safeties



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