Welded connections, soldered & bonded joints

Optimal design of permanent connections

Welded connections, soldered & bonded joints - Optimal design of permanent connections | MDESIGN

MDESIGN mechanical – Welded Connections

Compared to the other industries mentioned, mechanical engineering is usually responsible for its own verification and is therefore not regulated. Nevertheless, the calculation is part of the verification obligations of the engineer and product designer. In order to enable a wide spectrum also through the recognition of the testing institutes, different calculation methods are to be used in MDESIGN:

  • Calculations according to DVS 705 and DVS 1612 data sheets
  • Static strength verification, dynamic strength verification
  • Access to database for standardized profiles

For the calculation of welds, many calculation principles exist in parallel, depending on the field of application. MDESIGN weld picks up the most important procedures and enables the verification according to the following four calculation bases:

  • Leaflet DVS 0705
  • Leaflet DVS 1612
  • Eurocode 3
  • FKM guideline

Depending on the application, you can extend your scope of services with the following expert module:


MDESIGN mechanical – Riveted Soldering

In addition to bolted and welded joints, soldered and riveted joints are also suitable for special applications. Based on well-known technical literature MDESIGN delivers with the modules:

  • Soldered joints
  • riveted joints

Results for:

  • Number of rivets required
  • Required diameter
  • Required length of rivets
  • Load capacity
  • Tensions


MDESIGN mechanical – Bonded Joints

If it is necessary to combine components without metallic connection s, bonding can be a constructive alternative. The advantages of low damage or weakening of the components to be joined can also be decisive for the form of the bond. Characteristic values for the adhesives to be used are required for the selection and calculation of the strength. MDESIGN provides a database of more than 220 adhesives from numerous manufacturers for this purpose.
The following loading forms can be selected:

  • Torsional load according to VDI 2229
  • Shear load according to VDI 2229
  • Tensile load according to VDI 2229

Access to database for characteristic values of well-known adhesive manufacturers.

Results include:

  • Thicknesses and lengths
  • Bond strengths
  • Adhesive information
  • Processing conditions


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