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Zeit und Kosten sparen mit der MDESIGN Berechnungssoftware
Speed up product development

Bringing innovative products to market even more quickly is a constant challenge. By using MDESIGN, you achieve a significant increase in the efficiency of the entire design process by reducing the calculation effort by more than 70%. MDESIGN allows you to design, check and optimise individual machine elements and complete assemblies in compliance with the standards within a short space of time.


Optimised solutions in a short time

The best solution is found quickly with the variant analysis by MDESIGN. You develop optimised solutions with potential for improvement with regard to weight, installation space or service life, for example, within a short space of time. Systematic variation of design parameters and analysis calculations ensure quick new and modified designs. Designers and engineers get rapid interpretation possibilities thanks to graphics and illustrations. The best conditions for reliable and efficient evaluation of optimisation.



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