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Professional life as a designer or engineer starts with internationally recognised professional training. Universities, colleges and educational institutions prepare these professional groups for the future intensively with theoretical knowledge and practical application. Digital tools are part of everyday life for engineers - even in training and while studying. Here, MDESIGN provides the element of standardised and fundamental component calculation.

Calculation functional and algorithms for most machine elements and entire assemblies. Recognised technical standards, directives and rules, as well as calculation methods, provide the necessary basis. Material properties for materials and product, company and contact details for leading suppliers and manufacturers secure the practical approach. MDESIGN provides up-to-date technical know-how centrally on campus. The local MDESIGN student edition also assists you in finding new and innovative design solutions. Time-intensive searching for application-specific knowledge in a wide variety of sources of information is therefore a thing of the past.


Optimised design solutions

Students discover new potential for improvement with regard to weight, service life or installation space, for example. The “parametric analysis” function integrated into MDESIGN provides assistance in the development of optimised designs. Relevant design parameters are varied, recalculated and automatically perform the analysis calculations. The changes can be interpreted quickly and accurately using various graphics and illustrations. Creative and innovative designs and product development are thus promoted even during your studies.


MDESIGN 2020 student4me contains the following libraries:

  • MDESIGN explorer
  • MDESIGN mechanical
  • MDESIGN technology
  • MDESIGN bolt
  • MDESIGN multibolt
  • MDESIGN shaft
  • MDESIGN bearing
  • MDESIGN weld
  • MDESIGN espresso

MDESIGN 2020 student4me+ furthermore includes tools for the calculation of gears (MDESIGN gear), for the design of complete gearboxes (MDESIGN gearbox) and for for first-class stress analysis of gears in multi-stage spur gearboxes (MDESIGN LVR/LVRplanet).

Furthermore the student version gives access to the technical interactive formulary and the material databases.

MDESIGN student4me offers the full MDESIGN calculation scale, but there are some limitations: the output documents are watermarked, save as html and rtf is not possible, clipboard, table editor and customizing output documents are not available.

For the purchase of MDESIGN student4me a student card (or any other corresponding document) is required.

Our student version is available online: MDESIGN 2020 student4me (€ 29,- incl. VAT) or MDESIGN 2020 student4me+ (€ 49,- incl. VAT).

System requirements:
  • Hard drive capacity 2,0 GB
  • Windows 10
  • 64-bit system
  • Device name without mutated vowels and special characters


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