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Develop your digital skills with MDESIGN to be optimally prepared for professional life
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Prepare yourself optimally for working life by developing your software skills early through the use of MDESIGN. With MDESIGN student4me, you use the same high-performance calculation tool which more than 35.000 designers and engineers are currently already using in professional practice. For registered pupils, trainees and students, the student version can be bought under special conditions and largely includes the same functions as the industry version.


Improve the quailty of teaching

Improve quality of your teaching by using modern calculation tools. MDESIGN offers you the opportunity to speed up and optimise research projects in the field of “design and development”. You can also make your lectures hands-on and impart digital skills to your students at an early stage in order to give them excellent job prospects in the industry. More than 500 educational institutions around the world are already using MDESIGN today to support their research & teaching.


MDESIGN 2020 student4me contains the following libraries:

  • MDESIGN explorer
  • MDESIGN mechanical
  • MDESIGN technology
  • MDESIGN bolt
  • MDESIGN multibolt
  • MDESIGN shaft
  • MDESIGN bearing
  • MDESIGN weld
  • MDESIGN espresso

MDESIGN 2020 student4me+ furthermore includes tools for the calculation of gears (MDESIGN gear), for the design of complete gearboxes (MDESIGN gearbox) and for for first-class stress analysis of gears in multi-stage spur gearboxes (MDESIGN LVR/LVRplanet).

Furthermore the student version gives access to the technical interactive formulary and the material databases.

The student versions offers the full MDESIGN calculation scale, but there are some limitations: the output documents are watermarked, save as html and rtf is not possible, clipboard, table editor and customizing output documents are not available.

For the purchase of the student version a student card (or any other corresponding document) is required.

Our student version is available online as MDESIGN 2020 student4me (€ 29,- incl. VAT) or as MDESIGN 2020 student4me+ (€ 49,- incl. VAT) on this site.


System requirements:
  • Hard drive capacity 2,0 GB
  • Windows 10
  • 64-bit system
  • Device name without mutated vowels and special characters


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