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Haftungsrisiken mindern dank der Normenkonformität von MDESIGN
High product safety

There is an increasingly strong focus on minimising liability risks and safeguarding development. MDESIGN meets the safety-related requirements for machines and devices by designing key components in accordance with the required engineering practices. Because all calculations in MDESIGN are done in accordance with the generally recognised norms, directives and standards or on the basis of reliable technical literature. Here, the area of application includes not only national standards and directives, but also European and international standards such as DIN, EN, ISO, UNF, AGMA or DNV fundamentals.


Proof of compliance at a click of the mouse

The integrated MDESIGN documentation function ensures that you can prove your products’ compliance with the required engineering practices without a problem. MDESIGN generates a comprehensive calculation report including the specification of the standards applied, the framework conditions and results, as well as explanatory graphics and tables, with a click of the mouse. Calculation processes are thus made transparent and understandable not only for outsiders, but also for employees. Induction for new employees can be done significantly more quickly.

Professional documents are configured for the appropriate target audience with MDESIGN. Companies thus ensure that they are always providing proofs of calculation and documents for quality assurance with the right content for customers, testing institutions and internal departments - with no additional expenditure of time.


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