Standardize engineering methods

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Standardisierung mit MDESIGN ausbauen durch einheitliche Engineering-Methoden
Standardize company-wide

Standardization of the company-wide design methods and data without sacrificing flexibility is a requirement for modern development. With MDESIGN, you ensure that everyone involved in the development process is working with the same calculation tool and is using identical sources of knowledge. The relates to not only the available MDESIGN knowledge, but also your in-house calculation know-how. Because the scalable MDESIGN calculation interface allows you to incorporate your own information in the form of calculation formulae, manufacturers’ catalogues or digital standards, for example, and thus make everything available.


Usable across all sites

Thanks to integrated multilingualism, MDESIGN can be used not only across all departments, but also across all sites. All calculation libraries and modules can be used in German and English. Selected modules are also available in up to six different languages (German, English, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese). Even in-house processes are thus established quickly and efficiently. The same applies for calculation documentation. Because this is available in the desired language at a click of the mouse. MDESIGN thus also documents the in-house knowledge in international structures.


A solution for everything