Effective routes to better products

Development & Design

Effektiv zu besseren Produkten
Direct access to design know-how for new products

MDESIGN provides you with information which is relevant for design, which is required for inventing new and innovative products, digitally in one place. In addition to calculation functions and algorithms, this also includes overviews of accepted standards, directives and rules. Several hundred calculation methods, characteristic values for more than 350 materials and product, company and contact details for manufacturers and suppliers provide a modern approach for decisions. Time-consuming research for application-specific knowledge in a wide variety of sources of information is a thing of the past.


Effective routes to better design solutions

MDESIGN helps you to find optimised design solutions during development with the help of variant analyses. Discover potential for improvement with regard to weight, installation space or service life, for example, by systematically varying parameters and automatically performing analysis calculations. The changes can be interpreted quickly and accurately using various graphics and illustrations. You can thus choose the best possible option for you from a variety of design variants.


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