IT services and training

Increased productivity with minimum effort

Integrate MDESIGN quick and hitchless into already existing IT environments with our IT solutions

Avoid downtime in your day-to-day operations and maximise your benefits. Our IT services support you in the smooth and speedy integration of MDESIGN into your existing IT structure. You thus effectively guarantee implementation of the introductory phase. You build up your MDESIGN skills with our training opportunities. This results in the best possible support for your design activities. You thus achieve optimal security of investment.

Because IT structures, operating procedures and challenges differ from company to company, we offer our services as customised solutions. Tailored precisely to your needs and requirements.

  • Installation support: Our experienced IT experts support you in the technical implementation, configuration and maintenance of MDESIGN. Together, you integrate MDESIGN into your existing IT structure quickly and smoothly. Whether online using remote support or directly on your premises.
  • Start-up introduction: Within half a day, our trainer passes on to you the skills and capabilities required in order to use MDESIGN confidently and in a way which saves you time, directly in your current of forthcoming project.
  • MDESIGN training: Whether for beginners or experienced users: our individual training opportunities make you absolute MDESIGN professionals and allow you to get the best out of the various ranges of applications.