Development & Design

Safe design and verification of products

Produktentwicklung digitalisieren

Digitize product development

More time for the important things

Calculation tasks such as the delivery of standard-compliant proofs of strength or service life calculations are time-consuming when using familiar tools such as pocket calculators or Excel tables. Make more space for creative product development. Reduce the time needed for the calculation of machine elements by more than 70% with MDESIGN.

Effektiv zu besseren Produkten

Optimise designs

Effective routes to better products

Designers and engineers want not only to dimension roughly and realise proofs of strength for components, but also to achieve optimised and innovative results. MDESIGN has a lot of information which is relevant for design, which is required for inventing new and innovative products, directly accessible. MDESIGN also helps you to find optimised design solutions during development.

Per Mausklick zum Berechnungsreport

Document proofs

The calculation report at a click of the mouse

The provision of transparent calculation documents has become increasingly important on recent years owing to legal developments and increasing quality requirements. Make documentation easy with MDESIGN: a comprehensive calculation report in up to six different languages is available to you at a click of the mouse.


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