Digitize product development

Development & Design

Produktentwicklung digitalisieren
Reduced effort ensures project times

Concentrate on your core business and make more time for creative product development. MDESIGN allows you to design, check and optimize more than 50 different machine elements and complete assemblies in compliance with the standards within a short space of time. You thus reduce the calculation effort by more than 70% in comparison with conventional methods such as Excel tables or pocket calculators.


Scope of performance & standard compliance for many day-to-day applications

From connecting elements (e.g. bolts or welding seams) and springs through shafts and bearing elements (e.g. roller and plain bearings) to drive elements (e.g. belts, chain drives, gears) and entire gearboxes – MDESIGN offers you a broad range of services all in one place. This breadth is beneficial in everyday use and results in quick amortisation. In the process, calculations are done in accordance with recognised national and international standards (e.g. DIN, VDI, ISO, AGMA, DNV, UTS) and reliable technical literature. Changes and updates to standards and directives are integrated at regular intervals thanks to regular updates.


A solution for everything