Flange connection according to EN 1591

Meet tightness and strength criteria with MDESIGN

Flange connection according to EN 1591| Meet tightness and strength criteria with MDESIGN | MDESIGN

The safe sealing of machines and plants is a special challenge for the engineer. When it comes to the undesired escape of liquids or gases from machines, the calculations and verifications take on a decisive importance.

A flange-seal-bolt system must be designed to be technically safe and as economical as possible. In addition, the requirements for the flange connection must be met under all operating conditions. The European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 2014/68/EU specifies the safety requirements.


Safe and time-saving calculation

MDESIGN is used to design the flange connection in the force main connection, taking into account the PED and the tightness and strength criteria according to EN 1591-1. In principle, the entire flange-seal-bolt connection system is considered, with the aim of both ensuring the strength of the design and providing proof of tightness.

In addition to the user-defined flange geometries, standardised designs according to EN 1092-1 are selected from the MDESIGN database with all necessary data.

The MDESIGN 3D assistant makes it easy to assemble the assembly before the calculation. This allows you to visually select the flange pair, gasket, bolts and the material or strength class. Afterwards, you only need to specify a few load data parameters.


Visualisation and direct data exchange

All required results and notes are clearly displayed in the familiar MDESIGN comparison to the boundary conditions.
Project and task-specific changes are immediately converted into new results. The generated 3D models can be used directly in CAD systems via the Step interface.

In addition, MDESIGN creates a STEP interface into a CAD system, accordingly no double data entry is necessary.


Simplify your technical documentation

MDESIGN automatically prepares the documentation for the verifications with calculation tasks, results, supporting graphics, specific comments and standard references without wasting time.

Individually configured or also adapted to the CI, MDESIGN documents in PDF/A or HTML format integrate themselves into the specified processes in the company.



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