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Elastic springs

Spring elements exert forces or store supplied energy. They influence shapes or use their physical properties to dampen vibrations and shocks.

Depending on the task, MDESIGN supports the recalculation or design of different types of springs. Static, quasi-static or dynamic loads are taken into account.

Access to the MDESIGN materials database with numerous spring materials eliminates the need to search for characteristic values and ensures a uniform basis. Your own characteristic values can be added to the MDESIGN customer database at any time.

MDESIGN carries out the design and recalculation of springs for the following shapes:

  • Compression springs according to DIN EN 13906-1
  • Quality specifications according to DIN EN 15800
  • Tension springs according to DIN EN 13906-2
  • Steel wire according to DIN 10270
  • Cylindrical helical springs to DIN 2099
  • Torsion springs according to DIN EN 13906-3
  • Quality standard DIN 2194
  • Disc springs according to DIN EN 16983 and DIN EN 16984
  • Quenched and tempered steels according to DIN EN 10083
  • Hot rolled steels according to DIN EN 10089
  • Spring hinge, stainless to DIN EN 10151
  • Torsion bar springs according to DIN 2091
  • Hot rolled steels according to DIN EN 1008

The clear presentation of results typical of MDESIGN is supplemented by result-dependent graphical evaluations. Diagrams, spring characteristics and Goodmann charts are ideal for evaluating the calculated spring.

Compression spring | 3D Assistant

Quick check of your calculation using the detailed 3D asisstent.

Tension spring | Product selection

The large selection of spring types covers the entire spectrum for your calculation.

Compression spring | Goodman diagram

The fatigue strength is assessed using the Goodman diagram. The spring characteristic curve is provided as a result.

Versatile in use

MDESIGN 3D model for CAD export

MDESIGN mechanical

Shock absorbers

MDESIGN mechanical also includes a calculation and selection system for shock absorbers from ACE in the area of damping elements.


  • Graphical selection of use cases
  • Selection of suitable components from the ACE-specific component database


MDESIGN and ACE have been working together for many years. In this case, the calculation and selection of shock absorbers is not carried out using a one-size-fits-all approach. ACE has developed a selection and calculation algorithm which, in cooperation with current catalog data, suggests a suitable selection of shock absorbers.

This procedure is fully integrated into the MDESIGN explorer architecture. MDESIGN users thus benefit from all the advantages of the ACE shock absorber selection in the proven MDESIGN environment. With direct contact options to ACE and with standardized, familiar MDESIGN calculation documentation.


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