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Standardization of company-wide design methods and data without sacrificing flexibility is a requirement of modern development.

With MDESIGN, you ensure that everyone involved in the development process works with the same calculation tool and uses identical knowledge sources. This applies not only to the existing MDESIGN knowledge, but also to your company's own calculation know-how. This is because the scalable MDESIGN calculation interface makes it possible to integrate your own information. This means that all users can easily use this information in the form of calculation formulas, manufacturer catalogs or digital standards and guidelines.


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Risk minimization & cost reduction

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MDESIGN standardizes design methods and data company-wide, uses identical knowledge sources, enables cross-location use thanks to multilingualism and supports international knowledge management.

  • Standardize company-wide design methods and data
  • Identical sources of knowledge for all participants in the development process
  • Scalable interface for in-house calculation expertise
  • Integrated multilingualism enables cross-location use
  • Documentation in various languages for international knowledge management


Can be used across locations

Thanks to integrated multilingualism, MDESIGN can be used not only across departments but also across locations. All calculation libraries and modules can be used in German and English. Selected modules are also available in up to six different languages (German, English, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese). This means that in-house processes can also be set up quickly and economically. The same applies to the calculation documentation. This is because it is available in the desired language at the click of a mouse. In this way, MDESIGN also documents in-house knowledge in international structures.



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