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Training highly qualified engineers and technicians is one of the most urgent tasks of innovative universities and educational institutions.
For years, MDESIGN has provided the solution for recognized knowledge in the design, recalculation and optimization of components - also as a campus license.

With MDESIGN, universities and training institutions offer students comprehensive and sophisticated digital calculation methods and formulas. As standard software for the design, recalculation and documentation of machine elements, MDESIGN has been based on standards, practical experience and research results for many years.

The calculation methods:

  • are secured by standards such as DIN, ISO, VDI and EN as well as Eurocode
  • are also based on practical textbooks such as Roloff/Matek, Dubbel or Böge
  • support additional formulas for many different applications


Your advantages: MDESIGN at a glance

  • Comprehensive knowledge for the design, recalculation and optimization of components as a campus license
  • Help systems enable quick application with annotations, databases and graphics
  • Variant calculation for alternative solutions promotes a practice-oriented approach
  • Automatic calculation documents fulfill documentation requirements for product liability, quality assurance and studies
  • Support with examinations, coursework and dissertations with transparency and traceability


Quick application through help systems

The fast application of MDESIGN is achieved through an individually usable help system. Notes on input variables, access to databases with required factors and information on the effects are available directly at the click of a mouse. Graphical aids in the form of sketches, diagrams or 3D models ensure plausible input. All formulas used can also be looked up quickly and without searching. Ideal for teaching and practical use.


Integrated help system

The individual help system in MDESIGN enables fast application through annotations, database access and graphic aids for plausible work.

3D assistant for better understanding

MDESIGN offers prospective engineers and technicians a variant calculation for optimal solutions that enables quick comparisons and well-founded conclusions. The 3D representation provides support through visual insight.

Verification in accordance with standards

MDESIGN facilitates the creation of automatic calculation documents that meet the requirements of product liability, quality assurance and the EC Machinery Directive, both in companies and at universities.

Variant calculation for alternative solutions

Future engineers and technicians don't just want to dimension roughly, they want to achieve an optimum result. MDESIGN enables students to vary automatically and compare the results immediately. This not only allows new solutions to be found more quickly. Relationships between boundary conditions, input variables, results and conclusions are also immediately apparent thanks to graphical support. This is useful for teaching and for finding reliable, new solutions.


Automatic calculation documents for explanation and verification

MDESIGN also fulfills the requirements for the necessary documentation obligation. This is required in companies by product liability, quality assurance and also by the EC Machinery Directive. Traceability and transparency are also essential in training and studies. The professional MDESIGN results documents are configurable in terms of content and can be created quickly. This provides students and lecturers with the best possible support for examinations, theses and dissertations!



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