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MDESIGN connect

Communication between CAD systems and MDESIGN

Only when simulation and calculation data can be exchanged between different design tools without media discontinuity can they be used to their full potential. This enables cross-program synergy effects.


More flexibility thanks to bidirectional data exchange

Not only can you import your 3D CAD model at the touch of a button, you can also benefit from bidirectional data exchange. Simply export your model created in MDESIGN to different CAD systems. Data exchange is supported in the neutral STEP format. This means that nothing stands in the way of fast further processing with existing tools

Output in STEP format

The output of models in STEP format by MDESIGN connect enables fast further processing and use in various CAD systems without any obstacles.

MDESIGN connect

The advantages of interfaces

Benefit from accelerated workflows and seamless processes by using MDESIGN connect. MDESIGN connect imports, analyzes and transfers the data from your shaft model to MDESIGN shaft in a matter of seconds. This makes time-consuming manual data transfer a thing of the past. In addition, input errors are avoided and duplicate data entry is no longer necessary.



Discover the advantages for calculation libraries:

  • Data exchange between CAD systems and MDESIGN
  • Accelerated workflows and processes
  • Bidirectional data exchange for more flexibility
  • Avoidance of careless errors and duplicate data entry
  • Support in neutral STEP format for fast further processing

Compatibility of MDESIGN connect

Optimize shafts for reliable operation


MDESIGN shaft enables fast, safe shaft dimensioning with consideration of moments of inertia and safety values in accordance with DIN 743.

Analysis of multi-bolt connections

MDESIGN multibolt

With MDESIGN multibolt, you can quickly identify the most heavily loaded bolted joint in a bolt array.

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