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MDESIGN Trainings

Effective use of digital information and calculation tools ensures competitive advantages in design work. Expand your MDESIGN skills with our training courses. Learn the knowledge and skills you need to exploit the full potential of the software. Either as a web session or as a face-to-face event directly in your company.


The MDESIGN short training course lasts only 4 hours and is perfect for beginners. In this training, you will learn the basics of the current MDESIGN version. It is specifically aimed at individuals who are new to MDESIGN or have limited experience with it. The goal is to provide the necessary knowledge so that MDESIGN can be quickly utilized for initial applications.

Standard training

Our 8-hour standard training course not only provides an introduction to the user interface and basic functions of the current MDESIGN version, but also includes practical exercises to apply the knowledge acquired. This makes it ideal for beginners as well as for users with some experience.

Individual training

The 1-day MDESIGN training was specially designed for practical exercises with company-specific tasks. Both beginners and users with initial experience are taught all the necessary knowledge about applications and basic functions.

Intensive training

This 2-day training course combines the MDESIGN standard training with an intensive individual training session with MDESIGN expert modules. It provides users with advanced knowledge of applications and optimization options. From the basics to expertise.

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MDESIGN software solutions

Time-saving, standard-compliant design, recalculation, optimization and documentation of components and component groups.
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MDESIGN Services

Our services not only offer you many years of experience and expertise in calculation, simulation and software development, we are also implementing more and more engineering projects using machine learning and artificial intelligence.
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