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Shafts, axles, hubs

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Shafts and axles

Shafts are considered to be one of the central drive elements. The optimization, assessment and verification of the safety of shafts is therefore a frequent task. It is always of particular importance in the context of the overall design. The calculation methods of DIN 743 are generally recognized here and are usually even a requirement in companies. MDESIGN offers this basic calculation method and quickly delivers reliable results.

Basic notch shapes are easily taken into account via a graphical selection. Geometric data can be entered quickly using the graphical wizard or transferred in STEP format via the MDESIGN connect interface.

In addition, support points, loads and boundary conditions are easy to add.

Results are ready for evaluation in a clear form in a matter of seconds. These include

  • Safety factors for fatigue failure
  • Safety factors for yielding
  • Masses and moments
  • Bearing reaction forces
  • Shear force curves
  • Torsional and bending moments
  • Torsional and bending loads
  • Tensile loads and forces
  • Compressive loads and forces
  • Characteristics of the strength verification according to DIN 743
  • Static and dynamic safeties

Strength calculation according to standard guideline

MDESIGN enables strength calculations according to DIN 743 with an intuitive user interface, graphic wizards and access to material databases.

Reliable interpretation of results

MDESIGN enables reliable interpretation of results through fast calculations and clear output graphics with safety values, stresses and deflections.

MDESIGN mechanical

Shaft-hub connections

Solutions in drive technology often require the efficient transmission of power and torque.

MDESIGN offers various calculation modules for designing and selecting the right shaft-hub connection. There is a choice of solutions for force-fit and form-fit connections for the calculation.


These include:

  • Serrated and splined shaft connections according to DIN 5464 and DIN ISO 14
  • Parallel key joints according to DIN 6892 for molds according to DIN 6885
  • Polygon profiles P3G and P4C according to DIN 32711 and DIN 32712
  • Cylindrical longitudinal and transverse interference fit according to DIN 7190
  • Lever hub, disk hub, tapered connections and clamping elements
  • Axial tension
  • Surface pressures for serrated and tapered connections

The corresponding MDESIGN modules deliver results for:

  • Geometry parameters
  • Load data and surface pressures
  • Safeties
MDESIGN mechanical

Documentation of your wave calculation

1 | Standards & Notes

Clear and project-related traceability through image integration and detailed standard descriptions.

2 | Inputs & boundary conditions

Detailed and configurable overview of all inputs and boundary conditions.

3 | Graphical explanations

Descriptive assistance for internal and external users of the documentation for a quick assessment.

4 | Calculation results

Overview of all results. The scope is freely definable at any time for maximum flexibility.

5 | Graphical evaluation of the results

Automatic documentation of the graphical evaluation. Size and number can also be individually selected here.


To the expert module

  • Additional strength calculation according to FKM guideline
  • 3D geometry import via step interface
  • Shaft geometries with up to 100 fillets and 12 bearing positions
  • Conical fillets
  • Vertical shafts and hollow shafts
  • Bending-critical speeds
  • Consideration of gyroscopic effects and bearing stiffnesses
  • Calculation of individual notch points, specification of individual notch factors

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