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Practical calculation of machine elements

Digital tools are part of everyday engineering life, even in training and studies. MDESIGN student offers numerous calculation functions and algorithms for many machine elements through to entire component groups:

  • Bolted connections according to VDI 2230 and Eurocode
  • Weld seam calculations according to FKM, Eurocode and DVS
  • Adhesive, soldered and riveted joints
  • Bolts and pins
  • Compression, tension, torsion, disk and torsion bar springs
  • Shaft calculation according to DIN and FKM with strength, bending, moment and bearing reaction calculations
  • Shaft-hub connections
  • Rolling bearing and plain bearing calculations, linear guides
  • Gear wheels, chains and belt calculations
  • Beams & frames
  • Pipelines, flanges & containers
  • Material database, characteristic values, tolerances, fits
  • Collection of formulas from physics, hydraulics and production engineering

Recognized technical standards, guidelines and rules as well as calculation methods form the necessary basis. Material properties of materials and product, company and contact data of leading suppliers and manufacturers ensure practical orientation.

MDESIGN student is not just an interactive calculation software that solves problems. It is also characterized by the disclosure of the calculation paths. The software thus enables the student to follow every step of the calculation transparently. This approach promotes understanding of the methods used and strengthens confidence in the results achieved.

MDESIGN student offers extensive calculation functions, practice-oriented standards, transparent results paths and supports creative product development for students.

Every student and pupil of a vocational training institution can purchase an MDESIGN student license for a nominal fee of € 11.90 (incl. VAT) with appropriate proof.


Optimal career preparation & better results

Watch our short video to find out what advantages MDESIGN software solutions can offer you for your studies in the areas of career preparation, optimal calculations and better results.

Calculation documentation at the click of a mouse

Following the calculation, MDESIGN student creates comprehensive calculation documentation at the click of a mouse. This is suitable for project work as well as for bachelor's, master's or diploma theses. It contains all necessary references to applied standards, principles and guidelines, selected boundary conditions and results - also in English at any time. Thanks to clear graphics, 3D models and tables, the work carried out is illustrated.


1 | Standards & Notes

Clear and project-related traceability through image integration and detailed standard descriptions.

2 | Inputs & boundary conditions

Detailed and configurable overview of all inputs and boundary conditions.

3 | Graphical explanations

Descriptive assistance for internal and external users of the documentation for a quick assessment.

4 | Calculation results

Clear overview of all results. The scope is freely definable at any time for maximum flexibility.

5 | Graphical evaluation of the results

Automatic documentation of the graphical evaluation. Size and number can also be individually selected here.

Your advantages: MDESIGN at a glance

Simple. Fast. Secure
  • Extensive calculation functions for machine elements and component groups
  • Application of recognized standards, guidelines and calculation methods
  • Practical material properties and contact details of manufacturers
  • Transparent results path and comprehensive calculation documentation at the click of a mouse
  • Promoting creative product development and innovation through parametric analysis and optimized design solutions

Breaking new ground - developing optimized design solutions

Research and teaching should encourage the development of new solutions and the exploration of previously unknown paths. The "Parametric Analysis" integrated in MDESIGN student supports the development of optimized designs. Relevant design parameters are varied, recalculated and automatically perform the analysis calculations. The changes can be interpreted quickly and accurately thanks to clear graphics and illustrations. In this way, creative and innovative processes in product development are already encouraged during the course of study.



MDESIGN student

Important information at a glance
  • MDESIGN student study license costs € 11.90 incl. VAT.
  • Personalized license valid for 2 years after activation. Only for students and trainees.
  • Registration also possible with proof (student ID, certificate of enrollment).
  • System requirements: Windows 10, Windows 11; 64-bit system; Hard disk capacity: 4 GB; Memory: at least 8 GB
  • Watermark in the document, not for commercial purposes

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