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Screw connections, bolts & pins

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Bolted connections

As one of the most frequently used connecting elements, the bolted connection is increasingly becoming the focus of verification.

MDESIGN supports you with estimations, designs, drafts, but especially with optimizations, verifications and force calculations.

Design secure bolted connections based on the VDI 2230, Eurocode 3 or DIN guidelines.


Your advantages: MDESIGN mechanical at a glance

MDESIGN mechanical supports estimations, designs, drafts, optimizations and verifications of bolted connections according to VDI 2230, Eurocode 3 or DIN.
  • Screw connection according to VDI 2230
  • Calculation of drive screws with trapezoidal thread according to DIN 103
  • Calculation of drive screws with buttress thread according to DIN 513
  • Calculation of moment-loaded joints in steel structures
  • Calculation of bracket joints

Calculation variants

MDESIGN offers calculations ranging from quick design and verification in accordance with VDI2230 and Eurocode 3 to extended calculations using the FE method

3D assistant saves input

MDESIGN assists with the modeling of the task. This ensures correct input and high time savings

Advantage 3 | Graphical selection

Intuitive selection of the desired screw type

MDESIGN mechanical

Documentation of your bolted joint

1 | Standards & Notes

Clear and project-related traceability through image integration and detailed standard descriptions.

2 | Inputs & boundary conditions

Detailed and configurable overview of all inputs and boundary conditions.

3 | Graphical explanations

Descriptive assistance for internal and external users of the documentation for a quick assessment.

4 | Calculation results

Clear overview of all results. The scope is freely definable at any time for maximum flexibility.

5 | Graphical evaluation of the results

Automatic documentation of the graphical evaluation. Size and number can also be individually selected here.

Versatile in use

MDESIGN 3D model for CAD export


To the expert modules

  • Additional calculation and verification according to Eurocode 3
  • Consideration of eccentric load cases
  • Temperature consideration
  • Other screw types: Hollow, flanged, studs and hexagon socket set screws
  • Screws with inch dimensions
  • Extended material databases
  • Integration of own screw and material data
  • Consideration of conical spring washers and self-locking nuts
  • Alternative transfer of FE results
  • Extended tension diagrams

  • Determination of force and torque in bolt fields according to VDI 2230 Sheet 2
  • Determination of highly loaded screws
  • Calculations for special and individual screws
  • Extended material databases

MDESIGN mechanical

Bolts and pins

Components such as bolts and pins are often used as safety elements in structures. MDESIGN supports fast dimensioning and informative value in the design process with modules from this topic group.

Variants are optimized in terms of geometry and points of application, forces and torques as well as with rapid material selection.


Included in MDESIGN:

  • Bolts DIN EN 22340, DIN EN 22341, DIN 1445
  • Guiding pins
  • Longitudinal pins
  • Transverse pins


Further component calculations
with MDESIGN mechanical

Shafts, axles, hubs


Welded joints, soldered & bonded joints


Gearing, gears, drive technology


Roller & plain bearings, linear technology


Springs and damping elements


Beams and frames


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