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Perform calculations without installation

Calculate with the MDESIGN Cloud without any software installation. Experience a smooth and responsive application of MDESIGN – globally available on any computer with internet access. Without download, installation or configuration...

MDESIGN Consulting Services - Your service provider for calculation, simulation and software development

MDESIGN Consulting Services

Calculation and simulation services

If your time or resources are not sufficient to successfully complete projects, let our experts help you. The experienced engineers of MDESIGN Consulting Services perform your calculations or optimize your product development with services tailored to your needs.

Development of individual calculation operations

Software development

Start successfully with your own solutions

Developing innovative products and illustrating very specific customer requirements often requires custom software solutions. Exactly tailored to your company’s needs, we support you in the development of your own calculation applications. Easily master challenges which cannot be tackled with the existing MDESIGN solutions.

Quick answers for technical questions by our MDESIGN support


Technical issues quickly solved

Software investments only provide the desired competitive advantage if the technology is implemented smoothly and the functions are used correctly and optimally. Minimise downtime with our technical support services thanks to speedy problem-solving. Achieve your aims in product development even more efficiently with valuable tips, answers and solutions.

Installation, controls and functions of MDESIGN extensively explained in our FAQ section


Good to know

In the FAQ section, you will find general information about the installation and operation of MDESIGN. You can also get answers to frequently asked questions about the use and calculation functions of the program.